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Abusive Member Policy
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Threats of any nature will be reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities.  Additionally, in extreme cases of abusive behavior, the President of the Board of Directors of the Wilmington Police and Fire Federal Credit Union or his/her designee, is authorized to immediately remove that member temporarily from membership, until such action is ratified at the next subsequent annual meeting, or at a specially called meeting of the members.  The Board of Directors of the Wilmington Police and Fire Federal Credit Union is to be notified of any such incidents.   Definitions: For the purpose of this policy, “abusive behavior” includes, but is not limited to, the following types of conduct:     Any type of harassment, including age, sexual, ethnic, or racial harassment.     Making racial or ethnic slurs     Making sexual overtures, making sexual flirtations, advances or propositions.     Engaging in verbal abuse of a sexual, racial, or ethnic nature.     Making graphic or degrading comments about an individual or his/her appearance.     Displaying sexually suggestive objects or pictures.     Engaging in offensive or abusive physical contact.     Making false statements about any Credit Union employee, or member, or the Credit Union and its services, operations, policies, practices, or management.     Using profane, abusive, intimidating, or threatening language towards Credit Union employees or fellow members, on Credit Union premises.     Making, or suggesting threats of bodily harm or property damage to an employee or their family members, or to any member or their family members.     Attempting to coerce or interfere with Credit Union employees in the performance of their duties, or coerce or interfere with members while they are conducting transactions with the Credit Union.     Conducting, or attempting to conduct or engage in any fraudulent, dishonest, or deceptive activity of any kind with the Credit Union.     The writing or posting of any material, on any Credit Union bulletin board(s) without written management authorization.  
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